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I've had enough of PTP

had enough!

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Ok so after using PTP for over 5 years, i ve finally had enough of their over complex sql server and their shocking customer support! Whats the alternatives?

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By claudialowe
05th Aug 2016 09:57

I moved from PTP to BTC 4 years ago, and have never looked back :-)

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
10th Aug 2016 22:52

Once you have decided our Company host any application on your own private cloud server.

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By madhumorjaria
11th Aug 2016 13:10

Absolute Tax!

We wre with PTP for over 5 years than then it got taken over by IRIS and the prices went through the roof!

Same story as what IRIS did with payroll software PAYE MASTER...Really shocking

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By Manchester_man
11th Aug 2016 15:32

One word - Taxfiler

Nuff said

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