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I've spent much of this week upset...

Anyone else?

Didn't find your answer?

I read Lesley Barnes's Any Answers comment


made a post but I felt there was more to say so I've loaded a blog

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By JimLittle
28th Mar 2020 19:18

The whole world is upset and anxious. There isn't any light down the tunnel either to give us hope. When someone mentions we will be lucky the UK keep it under 20000 deaths then makes one more upset as you know its going to be a slow burner and extremely painful one for everyone

We only can help and support each other that includes clients, billing is secondary.

Some accountants are isolated and alone so accountingweb is a godsend but what will help out more for other accountants to reach out and speak to each other directly. At the moment its lonely existence for everyone and cannot talk to many people. Sometimes I just call clients just for a chat. I am pleased when they call me

I suppose a lot of accountants are introverts by nature and shy to reach out (myself included) but when I speak to people it definitely helps mentally and let it all out. Maybe these rich professional accountancy bodies should setup an accountancy counselling service too

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Replying to JimLittle:
By Cloudcounter
29th Mar 2020 21:51

JimLittle wrote:

Maybe these rich professional accountancy bodies should setup an accountancy counselling service too

In fairness, that already exists for ICAEW members. The Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association CABA offers a wide range of services including emotional support, help with wellbeing and even financial assistance. I've been on a couple of their courses, and the range is commendable. Their website makes it clear that their support continues as normal through the current crisis.

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Replying to Cloudcounter:
By JimLittle
29th Mar 2020 23:05

Thank you for that. I think ACCA has the benevolent fund as well but the accountancy bodies don't really highlight this service which is in more need than ever. It would be nice if ACCA or ICAEW actually reach out to members via email offering support in these desperate times.

We will all get distressing calls from clients so it will gradually start to affect more accountants mental health. Also helps to speak to other accountants but that service is not available as fellow accountants are the only ones that can empathise.

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By Ron Burgundy
28th Mar 2020 20:39

Don't mean to put a dampner on anything but that 20,000 figure doesn't smell right.

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Replying to Ron Burgundy:
By JimLittle
28th Mar 2020 22:21

Yes agree but there was no need NHS Medical Secretary to give a figure even if it was realistic as that will just frighten people even more. 1K to 20K is just staggering

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Replying to JimLittle:
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By Matrix
28th Mar 2020 22:57

I thought 20k was the best case scenario.


Wish I could cheer you and Jennifer up. I am sure clients appreciate all you are doing, we can’t help everyone but at least we aren’t on the frontline.

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Replying to JimLittle:
Lone Wolf
By Lone_Wolf
29th Mar 2020 21:46

It doesn't help at all, especially as it doesn't give any sort of timeframe.

Is that 20,000 over the next 12 weeks that the vulnerable have to be sheltered?

Or is that over the life of the virus (whatever that will be).

If the Coronavirus becomes something we have to learn to live with like flu, then 20,000 might not seem that bad.

If they're going to give out numbers like that, they really need to be clear the timescale they are talking about.

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Replying to Lone_Wolf:
By spilly
29th Mar 2020 23:16

But around 8,000 would die from normal flu in an average year, say 10,0000 in a bad year. There has hardly been any flu outbreaks at all this year so maybe Covid-19 is mopping up some of the balance. In which case, the increase in fatalities might not be considered so high perhaps.

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