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iXBRL - accounts in excel

iXBRL - accounts in excel

I use IRIS software so iXBRL is not a problem for all but a few of my clients. However I do have some not for profit organisations  including clubs where IRIS does not fit the requirements and is not used for the accounts production or the tax computations, I only use it for the CT600. This is where they have say bank interest or rental income that is taxable but HMRC still want full accounts and the computations show them the detail.

How do I convert the accounts and comps. so that they can be added to IRIS CT600 and submitted with the return on-line? (Currently all documents are submitted on paper). As you can imagine it's not worth manually tagging as it's not cost effective and it's also not sensible to spend a vast amount on software.

Any suggestions please?




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By metcalr
31st May 2010 18:59

Excel templates for iXBRL

Steve, you are not alone in this, we hear this all the time.  Check out the templates that our partner company TaxCalc have made in this area, give them a call they've got very friendly service...www.taxcalc.com/ixbrl

-- www.arkksolutions.com

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19th Aug 2011 10:06



Steve. You could consider outsourcing the work. At DataTracks, www.datatracks.co.uk we have already handled several iXBRL conversions for not-for-profit organizations. We have a pay-as-you-go web service where you just sign up online, pay and upload your files to help convert your accounts and tax comps to the iXBRL format.


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