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iXBRL testing

iXBRL testing

I am very busy testing iXBRL tagging tools for evaluation by my firm and I want to test whether the output would be accepted by HMRC.

Some of the tools offer this and some don't - for those that don't, how can I be check for myself?


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07th Jan 2011 09:23

VT Fact Viewer

You can see what tags are in an iXBRL file using our free utility, VT Fact Viewer.

To check that a file is fully iXBRL compliant you could use a program such as Corefiling's Touchstone (but it cost several hundred pounds).

HMRC will also reject a file that does not contain a small set of mandatory tags. These are listed in HMRC's document Joint Filing Common Validation Checks. HMRC also check for consistent use of some other tags. For instance, if Director1 is specified as signing the accounts then a name must also be tagged as Director1.

VT Final Accounts carries out all these checks for you behind the scenes, and I would expect most other vendors do the same.

If you would like me to check a few files in my copy of Touchstone, do email them to me.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software
[email protected]



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07th Jan 2011 11:43

Do a test transmission to HMRC

Send a CT return with iXBRL attachments to the HMRC with the test flag set.

To transmit other peoples iXBRL using our software, complete a dummy return, choose File / attachments, add the ixbrl accounts and comps  (this will happen automatically if you were preparing the these in our software also). Click on the FBI tab, press the test transmission button.

It will be something similar in all CT software.

David Forbes

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By GaryMc
07th Jan 2011 11:55

When you say 'output accepted by HMRC' what do you mean?

Are you looking at whether the resultant html file is OK or whether the tags within the file are correct?

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