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January Self assessment deadline

With the company filling extensions running out to June 2021- will we get a S.A filling extension?

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Has anyone been party to any discussions about the self assessment filling dealine being relaxed?


I'm not sure about other firms, however, COVID as caused a massive pinch in our workflows.

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By Matrix
16th Sep 2020 08:17

No tax deadlines have been extended. Just Companies House deadlines.

So I don’t see any change to any future tax deadlines such as self assessment.

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By lionofludesch
16th Sep 2020 08:45

Who knows ?

But I doubt it.

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By bernard michael
16th Sep 2020 09:30

Odd I'm the opposite I've had a lot of clients send information earlier than usual & I can see a gap come end December

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By Paul Crowley
16th Sep 2020 09:37

The only people who came in early for me were those expecting a tax refund.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
16th Sep 2020 09:43

Whilst i worked more hours than I ever have in my life mid March to mid May, we are caught up again now. If anything we are marginally ahead of the curve I think, we hit 50% done late July, its not normally until end of August. We are heading towards 2/3rd in or done now so all in balance. Our peak intensity tends to be Oct through to mid Dec. We try to avoid the Jan crowd.

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By meadowsaw227
16th Sep 2020 10:05

We are way ahead of the ball.

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By Crouchy
16th Sep 2020 10:44

Like others we have cought up on our workload and are ahead of the game

However, HMRC are still behind on pretty much everything, as they have put the deadline back at the 11th hour in the past for 1/2cm of snow, I think there is a reasonable chance the SA deadline will be moved, but its probably a bit early for that just now

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By SXGuy
16th Sep 2020 14:16

I still have around 29 clients who haven't come in yet since March to May. Some are usually late anyway but majority are usually in by June and July. Sent a mailshot out yesterday to remind them that although they may have had no to little work since March their accounts are based on income prior to lockdown and will likely have a tax bill in January, to which they won't be able to negotiate a repayment with hmrc if they don't come in and get it sorted. I'm hoping that will push them to come in and sort it.

You can imagine the income 29 clients has set me back by this year, at least I've had a lot of government help this year to cover it, but I fear next year will be worst because if they do all come in late their hardly going to rush to come in on time next year, most haven't worked since March so will have to try and persuade using the example of losses to carry back for tax refunds,and there's no further government help so it will be a case of tightening the purse strings.

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By lionofludesch
16th Sep 2020 15:49

Obviously my workload is much reduced but, to be honest, it's the same old names on the list of folk who think it's too early to bring their stuff in.

One in particular is going to have a rude awakening if he thinks he can rock up to his new accountant in the last week in January 2022 with his manual records for the year ended 30th November 2020, which he's only just found time to write up.

Although quite well kept, to be fair ......

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By adam.arca
19th Sep 2020 09:11

Hmm, feel like I've got a foot in both camps on this one.

Like many of the posters, I do feel slightly ahead based on metrics like tax returns completed and also billings. I haven't been on holiday, true, but nor have I worked my knackers off. My dire warnings to clients, made in the summer as lockdown eased, of capacity crunch if things were left too late actually seemed to have been listened to (which makes a nice change) and I'm currently doing some jobs which I wouldn't normally see until the Nov-Jan period.

On the other hand, and like the OP, I am still concerned about what's coming round the corner (not cacking-my-pants concerned - not yet anyway - but also more than mildly concerned). I seem to have a whole raft of jobs which I would normally complete in the spring / early summer, which I still haven't been able to persuade in and which will all be falling due (even with the extended deadlines) in the Oct-Feb period just as we're getting to the business end of the year. These are all clients who write up their "books" significantly in arrears but don't seem to have used the lockdown period to do so and are now buried in the here and now and seem to think the past will somehow sort itself out. Unfortunately for them, they're quite likely in for a rude surprise but I'm also possibly in for an unpleasant autumn into winter.

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By Duggimon
21st Sep 2020 10:12

I'm away ahead, after being so far behind in June I was approaching a meltdown. Working from home has massively increased my productivity.

I would be surprised if any tax deadlines were moved, not a single one shifted during the worst of the pandemic under the most severe restrictions, it's unlikely there'll be any movement on January.

I am fairly sure however that a couple of my clients ought to have had VAT surcharges which have never materialised, there may be an unofficial relaxing of penalties in place at the moment, I'd be interested to know if anyone else has seen the same.

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By New To Accountancy
27th Sep 2020 23:02

I'm behind at the moment, my children's school were only accepting children of key workers which is understandable but left me in a bad situation. I had to work nights but could not catch up on sleep the next day so I just stuck to VAT returns, RTIs and pension uploads, just stuff that could incur a penalty if not filed. I'm trying to catch up on the banking now, I've hundreds of transactions to post and although this doesn't take that long, getting matching invoices and making sense of the credit notes does. Nothing ever makes sense with a few suppliers. Then there's the CJRS claims.
I think I'll remember this pandemic as CJRS, as opposed to Covid.

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