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Jersey Taxation

Jersey Taxation

We are a UK Ltd company and have just employed a new sales director
He will be officially "working from home" in Jersey with occasion visit to the company offices in the UK and various overseas trips.

He has provided a Jersy tax code and tells me that he doesn't expect to pay UK income tax.
a) is this correct
b) presumably means he can't be processed through a UK payroll

Thanks for your help

Stephen Burt


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22nd Apr 2009 17:25

Shouldn't be a problem ...
... if his trips to the Uk really are occassional.

There are plenty of people here on the Isle of Man in the same boat - including myself. A few days a year at meetings in the UK are irrelevant if the genuine place of work is elsewhere.

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16th Apr 2009 16:59

Extreme Care Required
Presumably the sales director will be performing duties in the UK during his "occasional" visits even though he may be technically non UK resident for tax purposes. This will cause a problem.

I would recomend getting HMRC clearance on this if you propose/he insists not deducting any UK tax, otherwise you may be in for a nasty shock at the next PAYE visit.

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By Anonymous
16th Apr 2009 13:57

Jersey Employee
My company has a similar situation and the employee is taxed under local regulations in Jersey.

Just for security, ie keeping in line with local regulations, we use a local payroll company to calculate the net pay then we make payment to both the employee and tax authorities.

FYI we use


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