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Remuneration for subbie

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I've just seen a job advert for a bookkeeper/accountant to work on vat and accounts with the remuneration described as 

"I pay on percentage of the fee"

Is this still the norm and what is the generally accepted % rate?


Ps sorry for the tag, my iPad won't let me scroll the list of options for some reason!

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By lionofludesch
09th Apr 2019 08:36

I'd want some input into deciding what the fee might be in the unlikely event of me taking on such an engagement.

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
09th Apr 2019 10:03

What percentage?

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By Cheshire
09th Apr 2019 10:26

Ive raised some Qs, including what percentage.

The ad is on another forum and very scant on detail (and to my mind badly worded).

Not one for me neither, Ive a full workload, but thought to flesh it out for someone I know who has lost a few big clients recently.

Ive never subbed so was interested initially if it was common practice and what was reasonable.

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
09th Apr 2019 15:43

Used to be a third of the fee when I was starting out, although that was many years ago.

A third for the subbie, a third for the contractor's practice overheads, and a third profit for the contractor.

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Replying to I'msorryIhaven'taclue:
By Cheshire
09th Apr 2019 16:03

Thank you ISIHAC.

The poster remains quiet so far on the other site, so perhaps doesnt wan't to share.

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