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Job costing / Time management software

Job costing / Time management software

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I'm looking for job costing / time management software for a small construction company.

Most of the software I've seen wants a price per user / per month (based on a user being anyone who has a timesheet in the software).  

Ideally we would like to purchase outright as I expect this would be cheaper than signing up to a monthly agreement.

We also only want one person entering all the timesheets so only need one real user and the software will need in excess of 20 employee / subcontractor timesheets to be available as a minimum and ideally an unlimited number would be best.

Any ideas are appreciated.


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By carnmores
19th May 2015 09:42

Look at Quickbooks

that will do the trick for a fraction of the price charged by other providers , its all down to the spec and set up 

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By Eque2 Ltd
30th Jun 2015 15:17

Try us

We provide a lite version of our software for small construction companies who need to manage CIS, retentions, applications and most importantly Job Costing. Take a look at

Hope that helps

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