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Job opportunity outside hospitality

is it too rash to jump ship?

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Joined my current employer in early 2019 - a really well run, profitable and prestiguous business in the hospitality sector.

Then Covid hit, and I've hated it ever since. I thought the end was in sight, but the extension to restrictions and the realisation that international customers will not return in significant numbers any time soon has resulted in my employer extending plans to utilise the furlough scheme until September. I hate it. Aside from finding myself constantly questioning if everything is in keeping with the scheme (which I'm sure has developed into a general unsubstantiated paranoia), it's just not the sort of rubbish I want to be dealing with. And I get the sense that it will be extended in some form beyond 30 September. 

Now I've been offered a position with another company in an entirely different manufacturing sector largely unaffected by Covid. 

Thing is, my current company is facing a bumper 2022 if the pandemic passes. Is hatred of CJRS enough of a reason to change jobs? 

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By David Ex
15th Jun 2021 20:39

Missing in action wrote:

Is hatred of CJRS enough of a reason to change jobs? 

Don’t think it would be for me but it’s obviously a personal choice. Appreciate it’s a grim situation to be in.

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By Paul Crowley
15th Jun 2021 20:56

My sympathy
Challenging position to be in.
but impossible to advise.
I now have a long term CJRS man back. Health risks, not my choice to furlough. But that person is now starting again from scratch as CJRS went on for too long.
Yes I paid 100% as I expect him to be worth the extra.

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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
15th Jun 2021 21:26

Bit controversial but if you are furloughed there is nothing stopping you taking the other job now without leaving the current one (unless your contract says otherwise).

If furlough continues you can stay employed (and furloughed) with your current employer and try working in this new industry. When furlough ends you can decide if you want to stay with your current employer or continue with this new one.

If you enjoy your new job hand in your notice to your current employer, if not you can leave the "new job" and jump back to the furloughed job when the industry opens up.

Can't imagine being furloughed since last April, probably on 80% pay and nothing to do. Not a nice situation to be in. Regardless of what you decide to do, good luck and remember "what's for you wont go by you!"

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Replying to Viciuno:
By Missing in action
15th Jun 2021 21:44

Thanks for your reply. Apologies for ambiguity, I myself have not been furloughed, but am responsible for preparing claims etc. While to some extent it's become routine now, I still hate it and just want it to end!

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Replying to Missing in action:
By Paul Crowley
16th Jun 2021 10:17

I think all persons involved with furlough calculations and claims want the system to either stop or be restricted to relevant industries

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By zebaa
15th Jun 2021 21:45

If you are as fed up as your post indicates, then a change of job seems like a reasonable choice. The only thing I would caution against is NOT making your mind up.

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By Thomas654654
16th Jun 2021 08:16

It's only a few months until it's over, if you like the job then stick it out. For the sake of a few months it doesn't make sense to jump ship unless manufacturing really interests you and/or the people or environment is one you would prefer to work amoung

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Routemaster image
By tom123
16th Jun 2021 08:31

If you have been offered a position, that is different to just 'thinking' about moving.

Manufacturing (from my desk) is booming again, after a difficult year.

If the new company is reasonably substantial, and not hire and fire, then you could do worse than move.

Is it the head office, or just a subsidiary of an overseas parent?

If a subsid, be aware of a trend to move the accounts 'bits' overseas, leaving the manufacturing still in the UK.

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By Duggimon
16th Jun 2021 11:28

My advice would be to not make a permanent decision based on your temporary issue. If there are other motivating factors in play career wise then by all means move on, but if this job is otherwise ideal and the new one would be less so, it would be madness to ditch based on something which, despite your fears, will not last much longer in the grand scheme of things.

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