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Job Retention Scheme and payments a week in hand

Job Retention Scheme and payments a week in hand.

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The 'Work out 20%' document from refers to an amount 'earned' in a period and in a tax year. If someone is paid a 'week in hand' the 'earnings' in a period will not coincide with the RTI filing (i.e. payment) date. Example: Furloughed Friday 17/4/20 and normal pay date Friday weekly a week in hand. On the face of it payment on Friday 24/4/20 will be constituted as pay week to 16/4/20 plus 1 furlough day. The following week will consist entirely of furlough pay for 7 days, but a week in hand. This seems right to me. However will the claims then follow the furlough dates or the payment dates?  Anyone got an opinion on this or know something I don't?

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By lionofludesch
23rd Apr 2020 17:08

I've gone on pay days.

No idea whether that's right but it seems fair to me.

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23rd Apr 2020 18:07

We had weeklies furloughed 22 March but is monthly payroll so have claimed 22 March to 30 April - hours upto last working day paid in March
There will no longer be a week in hand with furlough as not working .and it’s been paid.. when they restart the week in hand will come to fruition again due to payroll cutoff on monthly ...
Hope that makes sense

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21st May 2020 20:19

Hope you don't mind I posted a similar query earlier today - albeit slightly different as it relates to a particular problem with a January starter. Just seen yours and put a link to your query in mine.

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