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Job Support Scheme - Redundancy

Part time against redundancy

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Company been going for 30 years ltd for 17 years is now coming out of furlough and as in entertainment industry not sure how long going to survive with no furlough.. Employer is going to bring staff back on a part time basis .. my question is as most employees have been working for 20+ years, if the company lasted 3-4 months and staff on part time, would their redundancy be based on their full time wages before furlough (all furloughed since march till end oct) or based on the part time wages going forward.  I have seen on HMRC that they cannot be made redundant when on JSS, but what if they are made bankrupt by a creditor and employees have to rely on hmrc stat redundancy payments

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By Paul Crowley
16th Oct 2020 13:24

HR issue
Get client to take proper advice from employment law specialist

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Replying to paul.benny:
By Paul Crowley
16th Oct 2020 13:40

And that is why JSS so hazardous
Just adds 6 months to redundancy calculation.

Employment contracts need to be dusted down, together with any changes to those contracts in the last year particularly

Redundancies alone could cause business failure

The employment guy is worth his cost

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