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Joint ventures with IFAs

Joint ventures with IFAs

We have a joint venture with an IFA and it's been running for around 13 months now. It's not been as successful as we had all hoped - and we are searching for ideas on how to get more clients referred across to see the IFA for pensions, life assurance and investments.

We have tried direct mail, and referrals directly following conversations with clients, but does anyone have any other ideas we could try?

Really appreciate you reading this and look forward to your comments




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By plummy1
16th Jul 2011 21:41

IFA's and Capital Allowances Claims

Hi David,

We are being approached by two or three IFA's a week plus much larger networked IFA's who want to introduce a capital allowances claims service to their clients who have commercial property. The reason being that they know if the first thing they can do is obtain a tax rebate and ongoing tax efficiency for their client they have a foot in the door and rapport is generated much more quickly. Apologies for going into sales speak there.

As you are working in partnership with them this would seem like something that is well worth investigating to generate greater business opportunities and is why the big four accountancy firms (and BDO) all have in-house capital allowances specialist teams. I have a few other suggestions but I would be accused of advertising if I list them here.

Oh better hurry though as the government will be reducing the scope for capital allowances claims yet again from next April.

Hope this helps in some way.

Kind regards


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