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JRS claim not working more than one EE confirmed

HMRC have a known issue already - I have spoken to them, this is just for information.

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HMRC have confirmed that it is a known issue that you cannot type a number higher than 1 when asked how many employees you are claiming for.  This is a known issue on both agent accounts and business tax accounts.  They are working on it.

They will do the claim over the phone, even for agents with multiple payrolls BUT it's slow that way - I only did one and also didn't like to hog the phone lines - they said not to worry as they have ample staff if you do want to go ahead.  I'm going to wait until later and see if they've fixed it or I'd have been on the phone for hours.

If your clients are likely to get stuck they can call 0800 024 1222.

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By claudialowe
20th Apr 2020 09:27

I had an issue earlier with a scheme with 16 employees, but this has now been fixed. It's worth trying again :-)

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By tltodman
20th Apr 2020 09:39

Thanks - think I have just come across this.

My first 2 claims (as agent) at 8.30am and 9am were fine (5 and 2 employees each).

Now (9.30am) it won't let me enter 5 employees for the next client even though there are 7 employees on the payroll. Arghhh

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By newmoon
20th Apr 2020 09:32

Thanks for posting the details.

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David Ross
By davidross
20th Apr 2020 09:41

We did not have that problem at just after 8 - must have been fixed.

However being told in multiple cases that long-standing employers had no employees as at 19 March! My wife got through in the phone but they have no answer.

We are wondering whether the system will only work for agents where only have their own online access. If so, nobody said that and we could have been setting this up over the last three weeks!

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By jaffe123
20th Apr 2020 10:16

Haven't done any of mine yet but reading some of the posts on here and elsewhere it looks like you need to start with the employer that has the most employees first and work downwards.
Most posts are saying they do 1 or 2 employee companies to start with then when they go to a higher number they can't get past the 1 or 2 of their initial claims.
Not sure if that is the reason but seems to be a pattern.

The other way is to log out so it clears your last one and go back in again?

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20th Apr 2020 10:51

Thanks for that. Thats such a positivee side of AW. I've been faffing for ages.

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By murphy1
20th Apr 2020 11:54

I have got this message doing a claim for 7 employee, have successfully done 2 and 3 earlier though

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