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July Developers Newsletter

The July Developers Newsletter is out

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I know that agents get an agents newsletter, but I wonder if people would like me to post parts of the developers newsletter for July that appear potentially useful?

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By GHarr497688
31st Jul 2019 19:26

Yes how do I get out of MTD if I get my retrospective exemption - its affected my business as I signed up when clearly I should have been exempted .

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Replying to GHarr497688:
By johnhemming
31st Jul 2019 19:48

They are switching the system off over 17-19th August in order to provide Gordon with his escape tunnel.

Quoting from extracts:
Customers who haven’t yet signed up should now not do so until their 7 August 2019 return has been submitted and payment taken.

These customers will fall under the ‘soft landing’ so will not be subject to any penalties, however, we will shortly be sending them a nudge letter to encourage them to join ahead of their next submission date.

Currently, around 10,000 businesses are registering for MTD every day, with our busiest day so far seeing a total of 19,500 sign-ups. Over 700,000 businesses have signed up in total, and over 480,000 successful submissions have been made through software.

VAT registration certificates now available

We can also confirm that the vast majority of customers (or agents on their behalf) that have signed up to MTD are now able to view their VAT Certificate in their Business Tax Account (HMRC online services).

The functionality for agents to access this information will be delivered in August 2019, in the meantime they should call the VAT helpline to request the information.

For a small number of customers with non-standard accounting periods, the functionality will be delivered later this year with a confirmed date to follow.

The domestic reverse charge comes into effect on 1 October 2019 and is a major change to the way VAT is collected in the building and construction industry;

We have seen instances where duplicate submissions are received within a very short period of time (seconds). Whilst our back end systems are designed to reject duplicates, the timescales don’t allow us to time to process and close the first submission before the second is sent, causing a duplicate return.

Planned for August 2019:
Non-mandated customers can leave MTD.
A submission service to enable customers who are not mandated and have left MTD to submit their VAT returns through MTD.

4. HMRC helpline tell customers to speak with their software provider when the fault is at HMRC’s end e.g. the numeric period key problems.

5. Why have HMRC decided that historic VAT data i.e. pre-MTD will be availablenow via the MTD APIs, despite developers being told all along that the only
data available would be that from MTD onwards? The majority of users will notbe able to see any historical data from prior to their joining MTD. However, a numberof customers with open transactions (disputes, unfiled returns, outstandingbalances, etc.) may still be able to see some limited historical information such asobligations and balance brought forward. To see their historical data they wouldneed to view this information from their Business Tax Account.

7. What is the purpose of the receipt ID and what other reference information can we provide to the customer to help them in their query with HMRC (call handlers do not seem to recognise the reference)? The receipt ID is a proof of receipt and should only be used in disputes to identify the actual information sent to HMRC (non-repudiation). The VAT Registration Number and Form Bundle Reference should be quoted in all other enquiries.

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By GHarr497688
31st Jul 2019 22:29

This whole process is flawed with lack of knowledge and it could have been so different . I wonder how many are in Mtd that should be exempt and how many incorrect returns have gone in through this ignorance and simply because taxpayers have been scared and forced into this by the Hmrc bullies .

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