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Just thought I would share my experience in case it helps someone having problems with Moneysoft on Windows 8 or 8.1

Just thought I would share my experience in...

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I was having problems using Moneysoft on my main Windows 8.1 computer (specifically I couldn't email payslips). Moneysoft support couldn't help as it worked on their 8.1 computer.   I got round the problem by using my spare Windows 8.1 computer to email payslips which was obviously inconvenient as I had to back up and restore my payroll data in order to do this.

I then found that my main Windows computer was getting slower and slower and started freezing every 4 hours or so.  I was advised to perform a PC Refresh which is a new feature in Windows 8/8.1,  I did this last weekend and my main computer is now running just like it did when it was new.  I can also now also email payslips from Moneysoft.  

The downside of doing a PC Refresh is that although all my documents were unaffected, I had to reload all my programs (Sage, Moneysoft, Microsoft Office etc), all my browsers and printer drivers etc,  , so it look several hours to do.  However, it was well worth it for me as I was tempted to buy a new computer but I do not need to now.

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By TaxTeddy
12th Feb 2015 11:15

Ironic really

I am just wondering what to do as a Moneysoft user running Windows XP.

My latest update from Moneysoft tells me that at some time soon HMRC may refuse to accept RTI filing from anyone running XP. No specific timescale is given.

Apparently it's a security issue to do with XP being no longer supported by Microsoft. It's nothing to do with the Moneysoft programme - rather it's to do with the security 'handshake' between the HMRC system and anything on an XP platform.

Clearly this is a problen I can't ignore so I have to upgrade from XP. I guess it's Windows 7 for me.

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By Euan MacLennan
12th Feb 2015 11:43

Same here

We think that we will have to buy a couple of Windows 8 downgraded to Windows 7 workstations.

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12th Feb 2015 13:27

Windows 8.1

We have several machines with Windows 8.1 running Moneysoft without any issues.

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By MissAccounting
12th Feb 2015 14:17

5 PCs running 8.1 here without any problems with Moneysoft.

Im sure you could do everything and more (including washing the car) with a Mac though!

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
12th Feb 2015 14:23


I just installed two machines with 7 (with the downgrade from 8) and it was quite frankly a breeze compared to going to XP.  There are lots of tool to transfer documents and setting.  The only thing i really stumbled on was Thunderbird we use for email, and ended up with a fairly brutal "cut and paste" approach to the data which worked on the 3rd attempt once I have worked out exactly which directory to put it in (not the same as XP!)

I only did this as one of the machines was dying and really needed XP to be reinstalled. 

Took me most of the day mind, but I survived and played a lot of hearts whilst waiting for things to copy over.

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