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Kashflow bank feed - what a joke!

Is it fit for purpose?

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A number of our smaller clients that don't have many transactions or only run basic reports are on Kashflow bookkeeping software.

The bank feed stopped working on 14th September with no notice (the other bookkeeping software providers had solutions or extensions in place).

No comms or updates apart from csv upload and will be available "sometime in Nov".

Eventually say it will be 28 Nov. On 28 Nov still not available.

29 Nov finally rolls out BUT it doesn't work (only pulls through 1 transaction a day).

When it finally pulls through all the transactions it also pulls through the ones that have already been pulled through and posted.

"Helpdesk" is a chocolate teapot.

 So having spent 2 months uploading csv bank statements for clients will now be reconciling their bank accounts for them re the duplicates.

Anyone else had any issues or have you left this software a while ago.............

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By mjshort
13th Dec 2019 00:58

I have always found Kashflow to be very poor. I still have one client on it and download stuff from it to VT!!!
Hoping to get rid if it on client's year end 31 Mar.
Shame as I use their Accounts Production and Corporation Tax both of which are good.

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By Duggimon
13th Dec 2019 11:08

To be fair, it did need an overhaul since it was wildly inaccurate before they took it offline in September! It would often duplicate payments and post credits as debits.

Kashflow is a honking mess of a bookkeeping suite, we started using it for a few clients because we use IRIS for everything else but we've given up and send people anywhere but Kashflow now. Except Quickbooks.

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By johnt27
16th Dec 2019 17:15

I'm continually surprised when I find people still using Kashflow on here. Most sensible people abandoned it when Iris acquired them and ceased any real product development.

This is very much a second tier cloud accounting product along with Wave, Sage and anything rolled out by CCH, Digita etc.

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