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Kashflow & IRIS Support Issues?

We have over 250 active KF licences but we do not have a Client Manager?

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We have chosen to use Kashflow as our main digital software package.

We have now built up a reasonable number of clients @ 250, who use the package and generally it works well for our clients. Other packages do this and that, I accept that there are pro's and cons etc but fundamentally it does most of what we need, for most of our clients.

I have asked for some time now why do we not have a relationship with a manager to help us and generally keep us updated  etc. I do not think that this is unreasonable given the number of licences that we have and having looked at other software providers, it certainly seems like something they offer.

I beleive in loyalty and I am not one to jump ship easily. I am in communication with a really good guy at IRIS who is doing all that he can to help me but it is not happening despite his best efforts.

I have a meeting shortly and I need to make a decision about the way forward because my staff are getting very frustrated and they keep raving about the benefits of Xero etc to the extent they may leave if I do not act.   




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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
05th Dec 2019 20:34

... and the question is ...

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By johnt27
06th Dec 2019 11:29

Sounds like your decision has already been made. With 250 licences you're probably one of the biggest KF users left in the UK. Listen to your staff - Xero is better and they'll give you proper support.

Once Xero Tax is sorted properly you'll also be able to ditch Iris and save yourself a boatload of money too!

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By timothyvogel
06th Dec 2019 12:31

I like Kashflow adn am the exact same position, but with a twist. I have a client manager at iris/Kashflow but he never ever responds to any email or voicemail

I will say the new look Kashflow connect is starting to look more like xero, and I like the integration that is now starting to flow into other iris products so will probably stick, we have 50+ licences but will probably have a few more next year

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Replying to timothyvogel:
By lukeoliver
07th Dec 2019 06:44

I agree KF is improving but there is no real guidance about the new connect layout and I can see that there are benefits.

The lack of specific KF client managers is a real problem. I know other software packages give you this and without it, we are given the same level of support as someone with 1 licence and our requirements are obviously very different.

Hopefully if others are asking for this they will get it sorted.

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By Hanleymail
07th Dec 2019 03:27

We have 150 clients using Kashflow.. Kashflow does the job and is inexpensive. Support is good if ever needed. Our admin support has just left Iris sadly. New Connect looks good. Bank feeds were irritatingly late but now work well. Hate Xero, its price and band of Cheerleading followers!

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Replying to Hanleymail:
By lukeoliver
07th Dec 2019 06:48

Agreed the delay with the bank feeds was a real headache but at least that is now getting sorted.

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