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Kashflow issues with CSV uploads anyone?

I am new to Kashflow and am having serious problems with uploading the bank transactions

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Is anyone else experiencing issues uploading bank transactions into the Kashflow system?

I have only had one client's bank transactions upload with no issue at all.  For the other say 19 or so clients that I have entered onto this system, I have had to contact support as the CSV uploads aren't accepted.

Surely this can't just be me?    I guess I'm just looking for comfort that it's not my lack of technical expertise that's making this a seemingly impossible task that's wasting hours of my chargeable time.

If anyone can offer any helpful hints in how to address this problem, I'd be happy to hear them.

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By SXGuy
16th Aug 2019 08:42

what error message do you get? that would help to identify the issue.

I don't use kashflow, but I use quickfile and sometimes I have issues with cvs files, sometimes they can be fixed quite easily, but without knowing what error your getting no one can help

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By Duggimon
16th Aug 2019 10:22

Kashflow is pretty poor software, I've used it fairly extensively.

The bank upload frequently doesn't recognise payments it has rules for, doesn't match payments to invoices properly and on some occasions switches credits for debits.

I don't think I've had the problem you describe, but I have had issues trying to upload a year at once. Generally I break down a years worth of CSV into one or two months per file and then do multiple uploads.

You should also double check your CSVs match the templates on the Kashflow knowledgebase for bank transaction uploads, particularly ensuring the column headings match.

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By mjshort
18th Aug 2019 08:50

Do not use Kashflow. Even after you have somehow managed to import your banking you will then not be able to do a bank reconciliation.
I still have one client using it and am thinking of resigning just to get away from it.

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