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Kashflow sales invoice report query

In Kashflow, I want to produce a report showing sales invoices issued

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Hi there,

I have a new client who uses Kashflow to just record their sales and manage their sales ledger.

I have not used Kashflow before but have logged on using my client's credentials.  All I want to do is download/print/see a report of sales invoices issued between a set of dates showing invoice number, date, net, vat gross.  I have been through all the menus and cannot find this simple report.  I have emailed Kashflow support and they have said that all I can do is download the individual pdf files for all the invoices.  I cannot do this as there are over 300 for the period that I want.

I would be grateful of any help from Kashflow users.


Thank you.

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By mg200
04th Jul 2017 19:04


Reports>Activity Report
Select Sales, All Items and the date range and show vat related info.

Should give you what you are after?

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By Gary taylor
05th Jul 2017 13:49

Thank you very much mg200.

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By Sophia_KashFlow
05th Jul 2017 13:54


Please feel free to email [email protected] and I'll see if I can help you.



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