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Kashflow VAT Return

Submitted VAT return via Kashflow, received HMRC response, on Kashflow, but return not "received"

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I submitted a VAT return, for a new client, via Kashflow, at the time I was not his HMRC registered VAT agent.

On Kashflow the online filing status showed – complete, with an HMRC response detailing the date of the direct debit etc

I received a call from the client today, who had received an estimated VAT bill from HMRC as they had not received the return.  The VAT return is not shown on the client’s account.

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By Duggimon
29th Nov 2017 16:11

You would generally finish up with some sort of question. Assuming you're just looking for general advice though, I would suggest Kashflow support would be your best first port of call.

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