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kashlow import useless?

Kashlow -can't get data into it

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I have tried to migrate form Sage Vers 23- apparently Kashflow not yet set up for this.

I then tried migrating from Sage vers 22- did not work.

I then tried importing a CSV Trial Balance and even that has not worked.

"Help " desk seem unhelpfull.

Has anyone got any suggestions about transfereing Sage to Kashlow please?

Back to Xero then?

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By mg200
23rd Dec 2016 10:23

I've found the Kashflow importing process relatively easy, however I have never used the specific Sage process. I think this may have been designed back when they made a big campaign to burn your Sage disks.

I would export to csv and use the generic import tools for customers, supplier and outstanding invoices. But I don't think I would bother trying to import the trial balance as this should be small enough to do a manual journal (assuming balance sheet only at year end).

If the trial balance is huge then I would question whether or not Kashflow is the right system.

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By Brunel
24th Dec 2016 09:12

No experience of Sage import but in the past have successfully imported from CSVs, including customers, suppliers, sales invoices, purchase invoices, customer receipts, supplier payments, bank payments and receipts, journals.

Just a thought, could you import via an intermediate package that Kashflow can import from?

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