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Keytime Software

Keytime Software

With so many software providers being given publicity on AccountingWeb (for good and bad reasons) I thought one that isn't mentioned very much should be given a pat on the back.

I changed from IRIS to Keytime at the beginning of last year and am very impressed by the product.

The support team are rapid and friendly, the software does everything you need and more and iXBRL is a doddle with Keytime.

The prices are very reasonable price and so what more would you want?

By the way I don't work for Keytime so I hope this post doesn't get removed.



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By UK Tax
16th Jun 2011 10:59

"the software does everything you need and more........"

I would suggest that "the software does almost everything".  LLP accounts???  Yes, I know you can buy Compac from them to fill this hole as I have spoken to Keytime about this.

That aside, I do tend to agree, and because they are quick and friendly etc, will probably add Compac to run alongside for our LLP clients.



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16th Jun 2011 13:02

Thank you both!

Thank you both so much - I've shared your comments with the team here, and it has brought a nice smile to our faces on a rather gloomy afternoon in Oldham!


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By fijon
23rd Jun 2011 13:18


Yes I use Keytime and am just about to buy the corporation tax and companies bit of it in September!


I find them very friendly and helpful especially as I am a new practice and oftern have queries!

A lot cheaper than the more well known ones which is good. :)

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23rd Jun 2011 13:36

Software Provider

I also swopped from IRIS to Keytime all I can say surprised that more do not do so

Why I hear you ask

Well price for one back up is 1st class and any issues are dealt with promptly

I like them and I am pleased I moved and I also do not work for Keytime and they do not have any prior knowledge of this  posting



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24th Jun 2011 13:50

More thanks

Thank you very much fijon and ryedaleman - the weather hasn't improved much, but all the team are certainly grateful for your kind words; they are a lovely way to start our afternoon. 

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