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I would wish to inform Keytime users that since 1 December 2018 the support is now based at Slough - not Oldham.  I have just come off the phone after 2.5 hours and they were not able to assist!  They had remote access to my computer and were not able to sort it out.  Thye have absolutely no idea what they were doing and to cap it all the gentleman at Iris (Johan) said that he would get the Product Manager (Alison) to contact me - no telephone call!  So I am still waiting.

My e-mail address is [email protected] and I would be grateful if anybody wishes to contact me because Iris's history of support is very poor and they need to assure us that this shall improve.

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By SXGuy
05th Dec 2018 19:25

Sadly this happened to me a few months back.

Keytime support had always been brilliant, but since the take over, my last expierence resulted in waiting a week and 3 different people supposedly sorting out my issue, and emailing me. None of which happend.

In the end through frustration I managed to get someone who actually knew what he was doing.

Never happend before, sad to see it happening now. Support service was one of the things I loved about keytime.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By philomena
05th Dec 2018 22:48

Thank you!
But what do we do about it! I have actually spoken to some of the Keytime team - as I said Iris disbanded the Oldham team who were really good. We need to try and get the old support team re-imposed or Iris sort it out .
I have e-mailed Karen Williams - apparently Operations Director to day - re problems and I await her response.
Please note that we paid our fee in good faith and Iris should not be fooled into believing that we shall not be requesting our money back plus we were never told that support from Oldham would be transferred to Slough. PS The support team at Slough are lovely - but they have no idea what is happening - and I talked to a person (Not Named who agreed what is happening. Iris please leave small software companies alone - you just give aggravation!

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By Chris.Mann
05th Dec 2018 22:28

Might have been businesslike to have forewarned Keytime/Iris customers of this internal transition?
I’m sorry to say, I’m not at all surprised.

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By SXGuy
06th Dec 2018 07:01

Not sure if there's anything we can do, not really our company.
However what I will say is my firm has been using keytime products since 1997, and if I have another expierence like the last one, I will be leaving come renewal time.

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By Chris.Mann
06th Dec 2018 08:30

I've also been loyal to Keytime, since 2008, when I thought I'd left the Iris stable, for good.
Of course, Keytime developed a; high quality product, with a relatively low cost, to their subscribers.
Iris has built an organisation based upon takeover's of good quality software houses. Regretfully, it fails to maintain the customer relationships, which were built up by the original developers, of these products.
I struck a three year deal with Iris, from the start of the renewal this year, so I've effectively tied myself in, until I'm at least 64.
By that time, I'm sure there will have been greater developments, probably aligned with the practicalities of MTD. A great hope, when the time comes, is that there are more players, on the field, apart from Iris.
I can't end without placing on record my sincere thanks to the team at Keytime. As well as being; highly knowledgeable, they were extremely personable and, nothing was too much trouble. In my early days with them, I remember Alison Ford coming out to see me and, I made good friends with others in the office. Regretfully, from what has been said on here, the "good old days" have ended, as they often do and, we must all move on.

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By roblpm
03rd Jan 2019 15:22

Iris are total xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just tried to cancel 2 unused Kashflow licenses. Apparantly we should have given 90 days written notice before the end of January. They will now run unused until January 31st 2020.

I have never dealt with any other company as mercenary as Iris. I think they are trying to double charge us by "realigning" our license dates as well!


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