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Know anyone who has lost a portable - secure the data

Know anyone who has lost a portable - secure...

How does one protect data even if the portable gets lost

One solution put forward is disk encryption

See Disk Encryption (PDF File) -

Are there any other solutions available?


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22nd Jun 2006 19:29

Backup Online & Restore Anytime

I am the marketing director for Depositit, (an online backup company) so my answer may be a little biased but have you considered using an online backup solution?

Essentially, you download a small piece of software and then select the information you need to keep safe and every day (or whenever you have set) your files are automatically saved to secure offsite servers.

The files are fully encrypted for confidentiality and stored in different locations for extra security and the beauty is that as well as automatically backing up your files every day for you, it's easy to pull them down at any time onto any machine that has the software on it.

I and many feel that portable disks (usb etc) should only be used to transfer data and not for secure backup (they have replaced floppy disks).

If you'd like more information on online backup, please visit our website or feel free to email me directly at [email protected]



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