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KYC/AML requirements for Single Joint Witness

Whom do I do KYC on, and is there a Privilege reporting exception

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I have been appointed by a Family Court as a Single Joint Expert - it is a divorce case and I need to provide a report dealing with potential taxation of a certain position.

I have dealt with one party's solicitor (who was the one approached me), and the other party is representing himself. My fees will be paid by both parties, half/half.

I am not sure who I need to do KYC on - I asked the CIoT, who suggested minimum DD on the court, but they were quite vague, and suggested that if the fees are being paid by the parties, this may not be the case. We're going forwards and backwards and haven't reached a resolution. Any suggestions? Same question applies to who my LoE should be addressed to; the letter of instruction is quite clear that my 'client' is the court, albeit the parties are paying my fees.

I am also unclear as to whether this is considered to be Privileged Circumstances under s.330(6) POCA 2002.


Any suggerstions welcome.

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By johngroganjga
24th Nov 2021 12:37

You need to do it on the party acting in person.

And your L of E needs to be addressed jointly to the parties instructing you - that is the solicitors for one party and the other party who is acting in person.

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