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Laptop screen size

Dell XPS 13

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I quite fancy upgrading my laptop from a 14in latitude to a new xps 13, the xps screen is actually 13.4in.

I do use an external screen most the time but the laptop screen gets quite a lot of use as well, I find the 14in screen fine but I’m worried the slightly smaller screen will be a step too far, although how much can 0.6in make?

If we weren't in lockdown I could pop somewhere and have a play around with one.

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By Duggimon
19th Nov 2020 09:18

Provided your eyesight is ok, the different screen size makes no difference to what you can fit on the screen. Provided the resolution is the same or better than your current laptop, you will lose no screen real estate.

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By Maslins
19th Nov 2020 09:30

"how much can 0.6in make? If we weren't in lockdown I could pop somewhere and have a play around with one."


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By Maslins
19th Nov 2020 09:31

I got a Toshiba Portege x20w-e-10n about a year ago. At time of purchase it was intended to supplement my "main" desktop PC. I knew it was small, but would be fine for occasional use on holidays/weekends/doing little bits of work. I didn't intend it would become my main machine.

Then lockdown hit. All the staff, myself included, have been a lot more mobile since. I've barely used my desktop since 23 March, and have no intention to start again.

90% of the time I don't even use an external screen. Yes it's a bit small, but I cope fine. Occasionally when I'm doing an in depth task that requires two sets of data, it is handy having a separate external screen (ie dual monitor), but far less often than I thought.

NB one thing to be aware of (unsure re the specific model you mention) is ports. Mine just has one USB port, no HDMI (or DVI/VGA/whatever) port. Given I HATE trackpads with a passion, the mouse always used the USB port. I did therefore spend a bit of money on:
1) a bluetooth mouse. Of course it's wireless, but importantly it doesn't even use a USB port for the receiver.
2) a USB splitter that has HDMI, as well as a few more USB ports.
The above cost circa £20 and £30 respectively, so not mega expensive, but if yours also has naff all ports, may be virtually essential purchases you hadn't needed before.

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By d500
19th Nov 2020 21:52

0.6 may not be much but could make a huge difference in terms of "feel" depending on your eyesight.
I bought an XPS 13 two years ago after much deliberation and feel i made a bad mistake. The print just feels too small. You can of increase font size and zoom etc but then doesnt always play nice with some software's as some boxes and dialouges can be cut off. I rarely use it and even then almost always with an external display.

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By Slim
21st Nov 2020 21:32

Thanks all I decided to go for the 14" latitude in the end, it was more expensive but as it is geared towards business users it has some better features.

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