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Late declaration of compliance?

Previous Not an Employer, now is

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I have a client who was previously the only person on the payroll so declared as Not an Employer with the Pension Regulator.

He took on a 17 year old on 1st July 2020. Although I issued the appropriate letter to the employee, and he didn't take up the option to join a pension, I have only just realised I did not tell The Pension Regulator he is Now An Employer.

I presume this will mean his Staging Date was 1st July 2020 and I have missed the 5 month declaration deadline. I am going to contact them. Does anybody know if I am wrong about the deadline or, if I'm right, the fine due?

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By Youareatit
01st Feb 2021 07:58

Breaking the rules for posting anon.

Folk don't like anon posts on here.

Hint. Go back and look at age related rules.

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By Matrix
01st Feb 2021 08:28

I think you are right, the duties start date is when they first employed someone, declaration of compliance due 5 months later.

However if there was an original staging date when the (PAYE) scheme was set up and a declaration of compliance was submitted at that point then the next one would not be due for 3 years.

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By paulwakefield1
01st Feb 2021 08:27

I would think this is a case where anon is a justified use.

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