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Late P11D's

Late P11D's


Client has signed P11D(b) but I will not receive it until Wednesday 07/07/10. No PAYE reference in place

I am intending to write to client attaching the various docs, together with the cheque for the class 1a NIC which the client will also be sending.

Will there be a penalty, or is the fact that I am sending the cheque before the due date enough to mitigate it?

Is there any other way to avoid the penalty, i.e filing online without a PAYE Ref? (Don't think that is possible)

Thanks in advance


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06th Jul 2010 00:27


Try filing online it may work. Penalty is for late filing and nothing to do with payment. 



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06th Jul 2010 09:43


Means u cant file online.

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By DMGbus
06th Jul 2010 13:45

Set up payroll online first

The timescale that I experienced for setting a payroll up online via HMRC's website was as follows:-

19th May 2010 - input set up data on HMRC website

26th May 2010 - Received PAYE reference

So, if this 7 days timescale is maintained setting up online on 6th July gets you a PAYE ref by 13th July however you then get the "authentication code must be sent by post" log jam!  That is, unless you access the HMRC website and add the client as a "filing only" (client) case where no authentification code is required.

Another option is a paper form P11D to be delivered by hand to the most likely PAYE office of HMRC before 19th July 2010.



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