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Late P35 Penalties

Late P35 Penalties

Seriously annoyed with myself. My fault. Missed one client's P35. Ah well, my fault and I'll pay the fine.

Out of interest, for as long as I can remember, there was a 6 day (i think) "grace period"? So, if you submitted before 25th (i think) then they would not charge the fine but it would be classed as late. I can't see that on the P35 this year - so has it been withdrawn?

Do you still get the £75 incentive payment even though P35 is late?

This is the first year in 18years I have ever missed any deadline. Grrr. Very annoyed at myself.

Incidentally, as this is the first time this has happened to me, obviously I'm going to pay the fine. But would you just pay it and that's it, or would you write to client telling them of your error and that you've paid it? I feel I should tell them, apologise for my error and tell them I've paid it / am going to pay it. What do you think?

Many thanks.


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By Anonymous
26th May 2009 13:46

Still get OLFI £75 even though filed late
"If you have fewer than 50 employees you will still be entitled to a £75 tax-free payment if you file your return online, even though the deadline has now passed. If you have 50 or more employees, filing online is compulsory."

Above is quoted from :-

Which also confirms :-

"You will be charged a penalty if HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) hasn’t received and accepted your full return by:

23.59 on Tuesday 26 May if you file online
when post is opened on Wednesday 27 May if you file by paper. "

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By Anonymous
25th May 2009 22:40

Yes it is only fair
Nice to see a fellow accountant stand up and be counted - your mistake you pay only fair. I have done this on a number of occassions mainly due to late filing of accounts at companies house.

Thankfully you should be OK - I checked with HMRC on 18th May about a slow client and was told as long was in before bank holiday would be OK

Paul think panic is over!

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25th May 2009 10:27

Calm down!
ESC B46 gives an additional 7 days so there will be no penalty.

Even if the return was submitted late, you would still qualify fior the £75 incentive.

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