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Late PAYE scheme

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I have a new client who I registered as a sole trader, she started paying staff in October some below the NIC and tax thresholds some above. Despite my advice a PAYE scheme was not set up. Today I've had an email listing all the weekly pay made and a plea for me to help sort it all out. Any ideas how? I'm assuming  late reg of a PAYE scheme will incur penalties. 

If I set up the scheme from today and put all the pay through the NIC will obviously be incorrect. I haven't even touched on auto enrolment. 

Any ideas? 

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By John Charman
19th Feb 2018 21:42

Hi there,

When it comes to payroll I think getting the start date is quite important (as you state).

My recommendation would be to use the correct start date, bring all payroll up to date and ensure the client pays the liabilities straight away.

Then chance your arm with an apologetic letter to HMRC once they issue penalties. I've actually found them to be quite lenient in RTI penalties.

Best of luck!


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20th Feb 2018 12:53

Start right at the beginning and get it up to date - then charge your client for so doing. Records then are accurate and not fudged. Fudging tends to come back and bite you

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Replying to NYB:
By jonibarnes
20th Feb 2018 13:26

Rang client this morning and told her exactly that! Hopefully will be able to get the fines cancelled

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