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Late PSA

Any penalties?

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I've been submitting PSA's for many years for client's Xmas parties. This year I overlooked things until I realised today that it should be submitted by 31 July.
That's not going to be possible by 31 July as admin person will have to find out participant names etc and apparently this won't be easy or quick.

We've already had a notification that HMRC will always expect a PSA each year.

I've checked the internet and I can't see there would be a fine for late submission, as long as the tax gets paid on time.
Do you agree?

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By Rammstein1
31st Jul 2020 13:49

I've sent one in late before and didn't get a penalty. It might just have slipped through the net though!

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Replying to Rammstein1:
By Moonbeam
31st Jul 2020 13:57

thank you Rammstein1 - that gives me hope!

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By LW64
31st Jul 2020 16:44

I don't think that it is actually a statutory deadline so there aren't any penalties.
I remember reading that it is more to help them manage workload?

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Replying to LW64:
By Moonbeam
31st Jul 2020 17:06

Thank you. Yes I read the same thing, but couldn't quite believe it!

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