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Late requests for P11Ds

Late requests for P11Ds

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Two clients have contacted me today because they have received requests for P11Ds dated 23 June.

Both run their own payrolls so we have never raised the subject of P11Ds with them (although we will ask the question from now on as we apply for dispensations for all our own payroll clients). Neither has any true benefits in kind but some reimbursed travel expenses.

Has anyone else received any of these letters out of the blue? Is HMRC trawling for penalties by sending these letters late? With consultation groups on doing away with putting the travel expenses onto P11Ds only to be recovered via personal tax returns why on earth have HMRC started to do this now? Presumably they will then adjust PAYE codes following receipt of the P11Ds and we will have to get those changed.

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By JCresswellTax
07th Jul 2014 16:16

Are you sure

It's a P11D request letter and not a Class1A nic payslip?

We have been getting the latter through recently...

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By davegibson00
07th Jul 2014 16:47

We've had a handful

 of P11D(b) requests despite saying none required on the end of year return.  HMRCs response on the phone was 'well we're sending them to all employers'.

I took that to mean 'I can't be bothered so go away'.

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