Late submission of RTI

Client left off list

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One of my director only monthly paid clients was left off RTI batch processor. Fror May until September. !!!

What are the chances of successful appeal.

thanks for advice.

Yes I know how stupid, careless and every other name but its happened.




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By lionofludesch
22nd Nov 2018 14:29

Just tick the reasonable excuse box.

It's reasonable that you should have missed one of dozens.

I'm not a fan of batch processing myself. I just like to have a final review before I hit the button

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By Moonbeam
22nd Nov 2018 17:37

Useful to hear this. I was considering using batch processing, but now I won't.

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Replying to Moonbeam:
By lionofludesch
22nd Nov 2018 17:43

Imho, it's error prone.

Other views are available.

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By frankfx
22nd Nov 2018 21:15

Have other users had a similar experience.?

I have avoided batch processing because of perceived risk.

what procedures did you apply to identify any batch errors.

The error ,clearly ,got passed that procedure.

not a criticism of you . more of a concern that this can happen despite controls


If York council can have an APP that reveals all users personal details

If the Tory party can have an APP that is equally revealing.

Then at Agent level , endeavouring to be effective and demonstrably so should be an acceptable excuse .

HMRC...……. agree?

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By Tosie
22nd Nov 2018 22:24

Thanks very much for all the responses.
I transferred all files in April 2018 and this client's return was part of the batch file on 5th May.
It did not occur to me to check the June filings as I have used batch filings for several years without any problem. The mystery is why one file would disappear from the list but it is an expensive mistake on my part .I appreciate your comments. .

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