"Late VAT claims" and post dating Bills

Will HMRC allow post dating Bills for m/a purposes?

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When you receive a bill after the previous VAT return has already been submitted, in software like Xero or Quickbooks, there is a nice VAT feature called "Late VAT claims" or "Exception Reporting" that brings in items or changes from a previous period into the current return.

For management accounts on the other hand, it is necessary or at least preferable to have the data for previous periods locked,  to prevent the figures changing every five minutes.

Does anyone know if HMRC would have an issue with post dating bills in the software to say the first day of the next period to prevent the m/a changing, perhaps with a memo in the bill of the actual date? If anything, you would be claiming Input tax later, so they shouldn't be too upset about that

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
12th Oct 2021 14:04

Don’t see why not, it’s the same net affect for them.

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By Bobbo
12th Oct 2021 14:36

If you were partially exempt, 'late posting' of VAT invoices could be used to manipulate recoverable VAT. HMRC may have an issue with that if the numbers were high enough to pique their interest.

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