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Late VAT registration and input VAT

Late VAT registration and the practicalities

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Hi all,

Please can I have some advice!

I have just discovered that I should have filed for VAT registration back in Nov 2018 and so I want to contact HMRC as soon as possible to inform them and pay any VAT due via the VAT return etc. However, my question is, as we own a small construction company, it is mainly receipts from B&Q, Wickes etc that we have purchases from and so to backdate all of these receipts would be EXTREMELY time consuming and tedious. 


There are 100s of receipts relating to last FY (and this FY) that I would now need to go through to correctly apportion which ones charged 20% VAT, 5% or 0% respectively.

Does anyone know of a simpler way of backdating all our receipts? I would like to be as accurate as possible so HMRC have the correct figure but I am aware that there are a LOT of receipts and so am not sure if this is even necessary? I know as accountants we cant always get everything 100% but as I said I would like to be as accurate as we can.


Thanks in advance for your help! 


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By lesley.barnes
26th Mar 2020 19:55

No there is no easy way you will need to record all the receipts and get the correct Vat rates. Surely as accountants you would be aware of that. How do you deal with your clients Vat? You will need to record the receipts for tax returns anyway.

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By lesley.barnes
26th Mar 2020 19:58


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Replying to lesley.barnes:
27th Mar 2020 10:00

Yes we have all the receipts its just the task of going through 100s of them back to Nov 2018, I was wondering if I was missing another quicker but accurate way of getting the figures.. yes I will start the process of going through each receipt and coming up with the figures. Thank you

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By Les Howard
27th Mar 2020 17:02

I would not expect B&Q and Wickes to charge VAT at anything other than 20%. Why the apportionment?
Can you use one of the scanning apps, and let it do the VAT calculation?

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