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Lawyer specialising on internet issues needed

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Advice needed please. My practice hase been given a very bad defamatory personal review on google reviews by someone honestly i dont even know and i have indications its causing damage to the practice (potential clients, recruitment etc).  I spoke to google a couple of times and asked to remove that but they are not because they say they have no responsibility over what people do using google. I then deleted the practice from the google directory but that reviewstill appears when someone searches for us.

On a similar note, i received an email from the website hosting company two months ago that the wesbite data has been irretriavably lost on their server. Trying to contact them in amy possible way but no reply frpm them.

I woudl appreciate it if a member can recommend someone that can help witht the above issues or offer any advice. Many thanks.

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By Tim Vane
14th Mar 2020 08:42

My advice: get over it.

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By Wanderer
14th Mar 2020 08:50

General advice is that there is nothing that can be done about what's there. Best way forward is to get the fake review drowned by (genuine) good reviews by other clients.

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By Matrix
14th Mar 2020 09:01

Sorry I don’t know anything about google reviews. Are you able to reply and set the record straight so people see both the review and your reply?

I don’t know if there is a legal forum similar to this or does ukbusinessforums have a legal section?

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By SXGuy
14th Mar 2020 11:19

You need to add a reply explaining the comment and get other genuine reviews to increase the rating.

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By Moonbeam
14th Mar 2020 13:55

I agree with what others have said re the Google reviews. You can't have the good without the bad.
And you should take the responsibility for backing up your website yourself. Then you know who to blame when things go wrong. Trying to sue a dodgy website company is a waste of time and money.
Trouble is, we only take our marketing seriously when it goes wrong. I set up 2 factor authentication on my LinkedIn account last night. I should have done that a lot sooner.
So learn the lessons and do it better in future.

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