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Learning cloud software cpd?

I wanted to know if other accountants claimed Xero accreditation and learning new tools on cloud based software as continuing professional development?

I came across a page on the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants saying they accept it as CPD.

Any suggestions for or against will be a great help. 


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By Tessah
15th Feb 2018 10:54

I had a CPD check by ACCA in 2014 and included 6 hrs of Xero webinars & training in my verifiable CPD. I did have 12 more hours of verifiable CPD than the minimum required. Although I don't think this should make a difference, if it is relevant learning and you can explain how you will apply it then it's OK.

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26th Feb 2018 13:34

I've just done QuickBooks accreditation which says it is 7 hours CPD. I feel it meets all the criteria for CPD so I have recorded it as CPD in my log.

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