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Leasing business computers


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I am reviewing the option of leasing business desktops. The plus points are:

  • New computers every three years
  • Data cleansing by the lessor
  • Free disposal
  • Support included

If you have leased business IT, please share your experience. 




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By paul.benny
25th Sep 2019 16:21

Do you actually want/need a three year replacement cycle?

Depending on your tax position, you may be giving up AIA.

There is a non-trivial cost of transferring all of the set-up between PCs, which is apparently not covered by the lease charges. If you are on 'purchased' software (so not Office 365), it may be difficult/costly to transfer license from one PC to another.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
25th Sep 2019 17:11

Surely its just simply about the maths, how much more would you spend over the 3 years compared to up front purchase and support cost.

If its not much more and you have the cashflow benefit of monthly payment then that is probably better. If its a lot more then maybe not. Also how good would the support be? I use a local company and costs a very small monthly fee to support my 5 computers but support is great and they attend site if need be.

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By SXGuy
26th Sep 2019 09:02

A new pc every 3 years? really? if you have a PC with a good bit of Ram, an SSD hard drive, and a decent CPU, imo there is no need to replace it every 3 years.

At best, you may want to replace the HDD at some point, but for normal accounting requirements I cant see the PC becoming redundant that quickly.

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By djn24
18th Oct 2019 15:31

We would never replace a desktop after only 3 years. Most of the work is done on the servers anyway so the desktop is pretty much just a route to get onto the servers.
I would think that the PC's would last 5 years minimum so leasing would be more expensive for us.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
28th Dec 2019 00:42

Have been offering leasing for businesses for a while. It has helped recently getting migrated from Windows 7.

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