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Leaving full time job - Sole trader or LTD???

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I am about to leave my full time job to sell online and work part time though an agencey

Applying for self employment is mind boggling right now, as they all have their major advantages and dis advantages. 

Ideally I want to be a sole trader, but then that would mean I can only work for agencies as PAYE but I will need to be working for several agencies as, I am a driver so work comes and goes, sounds OK but if I work for several agencies my I would be getting emergency tax all the time. 

Can anybody recommend the best solution for me? 

LTD would be the best option but come next April agencies will not touch us due to IR35. 

The next option would be umbrella, could I do umbrella full time, like pay all my driving and online profits through there?




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By lionofludesch
06th Sep 2020 19:19

Duplicate thread

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