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Leaving VirtualCabinet

Anyone any experience

I’m thinking of leaving VirtualCabinet in February; it’s just not the right product for us. I’m after a PM system that has DMS functionality, besides we’ve had technical issues with VC recently. 

I’ll be 11 months into a 2 year contract - does anyone have any experience of leaving them? Any tips? 



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14th Nov 2018 09:51

At least it's not the real cabinet

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to bernard michael
14th Nov 2018 10:32

Apt timing re this post, they could be leaving it today in droves- albeit maybe they are easily appeased with fudge.

I was disappointed they were all going in one by one to see the PM, there would have been far more jokes in it if they had gone in two by two.

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By Lisa09
14th Nov 2018 14:04

I had a call from them couple of months ago, followed by online presentation. I did not go ahead thinking the system is too advanced and will just takes over all other functions and storage. Also, the worry was once you go ahead with them and in future want to come out then could be problematic and possibly expensive. Sorry, apart from this not much else dealing wit them.

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