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I have been looking at Ledgerscope which seems ideal for interrogating the files of those of my clients who use Sage. But, for the life of me, I can't see from their website how it works.

Has anybody used it? If so, can you give me a brief idea what to do?

Many thanks.


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By kevlaw
06th Dec 2012 07:44

After looking at the website,

you could find out how it works from the free trial, but my first question would be how much does it cost?

Without knowing that, I don't care how it works.


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06th Dec 2012 08:22

Data Extract

Looking at this: on their website, it suggests that the data has to extracted from Sage first and is then imported in to Ledgerscope - the way I read it was that, if you don't have a copy of Sage, there is a tool that allows the client to extract the data and they then send you that extract.



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06th Dec 2012 08:26

I suspect you upload a Sage backup into the software but it perhaps would be a better idea for it to be a little more transparent on the website?

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to MartinAccountant
06th Dec 2012 08:41


MissAccounting wrote:

I suspect you upload a Sage backup into the software

Not according to the link I posted earlier...


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By SteveOH
06th Dec 2012 09:58

Thanks for your replies

I am glad that I'm not the only one who found their website confusing. I think that I will telephone them this morning and get an answer straight from the horses mouth.

In answer to keviaw, I did see somewhere on there website that their cost is £30 for each download of the client's reports.

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By SteveOH
07th Dec 2012 15:49


I had a conversation today with Adrian Pearson from Ledgerscope and he gave me an online demonstration of the working of the site.

I must say, I was really impressed. It is ideal for those of us who have clients using Sage or QuickBooks but do not have the software ourselves. I have a few clients using Sage and now (for a mere £30) I can get the client to upload their Sage file (via a link on an email) to Ledgerscope where I can work on it to my heart's content.

Ledgerscope will allow me to see the trial balance accounts, drill down to individual entries, make adjustments, review the P&L, etc. etc.

Give it a go.

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07th Dec 2012 16:16

Clarification and apology


I am the founder of Ledgerscope and am happy to clarify the points raised here.

Firstly though, I'd like to apologise if our website is not clear enough. We'll fix that right away.

@kevlaw: We currently offer three jobs free and then the cost is £30 per job (a job being processing a year end for a client)

@johndon68: Thanks for trying to help out here. Our software automatically extracts the data from a Sage or QuickBooks (and Xero) installation and uploads it securely to our website. The accountant does not need a copy of either software package - in that situation they simply have the client upload the data directly (from an email sent to them by Ledgerscope).

@MissAccounting: See above. Our software cannot handle a backup file, instead it extracts the data that would be in it from the "live" copy of the software.

SteveOH was kind enough to let me demonstrate Ledgerscope to him and he now fully understands how it works. Thanks for your time Steve and for giving me that opportunity. We'll work on making our help for new users much better.

For the benefit of other readers, Ledgerscope is client records checking and correction software. It automatically extracts the data an accountant needs from the client's accounting package and produces an interactive extended trial balance, lead schedules and working papers.

More importantly Ledgerscope undertakes the review work for the accountant and presents him or her with a list of review points as soon as the data has been uploaded and processed.

Journal corrections can then easily be made and a final trial balance exported as a CSV file for upload into accounts publishing systems (such as IRIS).

It's a productivity tool that means accountants can turnaround year-end accounts jobs much, much quicker and use the time saved to make more profit.

[email protected]
07944 970997




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