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Legal actions

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Can anybody advise any solicitors where one can ask a legal advice regarding unpaid invoices? Amount unpaid is hefty. Company who does not want to pay monies, wants client to sign a document that they will pay back amount X (which is not a lot comparing what should be paid)  and he won’t claim anything afterwards.

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paddle steamer
02nd Mar 2020 16:44

In Scotland yes, Blacklocks in Edinburgh niche in debt recovery and ought not to be eye watering with their fees compared with the larger firms, but if not up here they will not be best choice as different legal systems north and south of the border

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By paul.benny
03rd Mar 2020 06:41

Most solicitors will offer a free introductory consultation, although that may not be enough to get the answers you need.

Have you had other correspondence regarding this debt? Sounds like the creditor is in distress, possibly even in administration and is seeking a formal or informal arrangement to help it stay afloat. This may be the only amount you can recover.

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By bernard michael
03rd Mar 2020 12:07

Sounds like they're testing the water for a CVA
Your client needs to get more information regarding the debtor's solvency before he accepts/rejects the "kind" offer

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Replying to bernard michael:
Lisa Thomas
By Lisa Thomas
03rd Mar 2020 16:16

It does sound as if the debtor might be insolvent.

Have they provided any balance sheet info on their liabilities and assets/explanation for not being able (or wanting) to pay the full debt?

I can recommend a Solicitor if you DM me but it might be fruitless to start recovery proceedings if the debtor is leaning towards a formal insolvency procedure.

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