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Legal obligation to provide transactional report

Do we have to provide this report to an ex-client

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An ex-client (large PLC) has just asked for a full transactional report from us going back to Jan 2015. They are no longer a client and have no prospect of ever becoming a client again. Do we have a legal obligation to provide this report? 

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By WhichTyler
01st Jul 2019 13:35

What does your letter of engagement (and disengagement) with this large corporate client say?

It's more likely a contractual matter than a statutory one...

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Replying to WhichTyler:
By tollbar01
02nd Jul 2019 08:53

Thank you. I should have made clear we are not an accountancy firm and don't use LOE. However, we do have detailed service contracts which make no reference to this obligation. So as it is not a contractual obligation I am working on the premise that we don't have to do this. Not saying we won't, just that we have no contractual or statutory obligation to do so.

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By Tim Vane
01st Jul 2019 13:36

How the hell should we know? What does your LOE say?

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By paul.benny
01st Jul 2019 13:42

Provision of 4 years' data is potentially a sizeable piece of work that you could reasonably charge for. But as has been said, it depends on the contract/LoE.

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