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Legal Query

Appointing Directors

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I hope somebody can help me as I have asked lawyers and they cannot give an answer.

I am a director of company A .  I know I can make the COMPANY  a corporate director of company B .

But ,can I make  company A a corporate director of company B -if I am already  personally a director of company B ?

Can anybody answer this,please ?

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By Matrix
29th Nov 2018 17:23

I am surprised the lawyers cannot give you an answer. I don't see why not, provided a natural person is also a Director of Company B but I am not a lawyer.

I understand a ban on corporate Directors is envisaged so you would have to change at some point, what is the purpose of having corporate Directors?

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Lisa Thomas
By Lisa Thomas
30th Nov 2018 12:06

duplicated post - both topics should be merged.

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