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Appointing Directors

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I hope somebody can help me as I have asked lawyers and they cannot give an answer.

I am a director of company A .  I know I can make the COMPANY  a corporate director of company B .

But ,can I make  company A a corporate director of company B -if I am already  personally a director of company B ?

Can anybody answer this,please ?


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29th Nov 2018 17:27

You probably need to find better lawyers...

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29th Nov 2018 20:58

Oh dear. When you asked a lawyer, did you ask a lawyer you met in the pub? If he’s anything like the accountants one meets in pub then I am not surprised you cannot get a sensible answer. Try paying for advice. Free legal advice is worth exactly what you pay for it.

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29th Nov 2018 21:52

Yes, is the answer.

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30th Nov 2018 10:07

I'm intrigued as to why you want this circular route to nowhere. What is the point if you are a director of both A & B

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to bernard michael
30th Nov 2018 10:51

I'm not sure he has asked a circular route question.
Although it's badly phrased. He says he is a director of A, then asks if 'the COMPANY' which I assume is A, can be a director of Company B.

He then asks again, if Company A can be a director of Company B.

He doesn't ask if Company B can be a director of Company A (though it could).

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to thevaliant
30th Nov 2018 11:01

I don't think that was the circular route to which Bernard was referring, just that it seems pointless if he is the sole director of both companies.

If he's not the sole director of both then I can possibly see some point to it but it does seem largely futile in most cases and I suspect it may be motivated by some other misunderstanding we're not yet aware of.

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30th Nov 2018 11:00

Thank you all-and by the way I did pay for the lawyer who is now refunding me -and no not from the pub.
Thanks again

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30th Nov 2018 11:03

You're right I misread the OP's question

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