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Legislation ATT/CTA

Legislation ATT/CTA

I have couple of questions regarding use of legislation in exams. Firstly how vital is legislation in ATT exam? I have been told that for ATT exams you can do without legislation however for CTA exams one must be able to use legislation effectively in exams. So is it worth starting to get familiar with legislation while doing ATT exams in anticipation of future CTA exams?

Secondly if I buy legislation for Nov'12 exams do I need to buy another set for May'13 exams?

I will be very grateful for your help and any recommendations

Many thanks


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08th May 2012 07:44

Cant comment for CTA but.......

I didnt even take the legislation into my ATT exams and passed.

I've seen many posts on here regarding the use of the legislation in the exams and to be fair its a mixed bag.

I had to travel 200 miles to sit the exams and one of the reasons i didnt take them was just the sheer weight!  Was a heavy heav bag to cart around when i didnt actually even look at them!!

CTA I'm told is a much much bigger fish I'm told and it may well be that being familiar with the legislation, being able to get around the legisaltion may be useful but as for ATT, it certainly isnt essential in order to pass as i have proved.

Best of luck with the exams.

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By blok
08th May 2012 09:27


I took the legislation into my CTA exams and used them once or twice.  They are useful but only if you know what you are doing with them.

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08th May 2012 09:47

totally agree with blok

only useful if you know how to use them/can find your way around them.


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