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Let Property Campaign- Rental Property

can you just disclose the rental income or other undeclared income too?

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Ive tried filling in the online disclosure form for undeclared rental property.

The HMRC website has a section :

"A condition of taking part in the Let Property Campaign is that you include all of the income you have previously not told HMRC about in your disclosure as well as the income you receive from letting out property."

However when the disclosure was sent off and included the rental income and hetherto undeclared Self employed income, HMRC wrote back saying "you have included NIC in your calculation, this does not need to be included with rental income. If you have any unresolved liabilities please disclose the seperately".

Has anyone else have experiance if this and can confirm whether to just fill in the rental profits, penalties and interest only and then contact HMRC seperately for the SA disclousre?

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05th Dec 2018 13:44

Speak to them, the let property campaign are quite helpful

but I understand they only collect income tax

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