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Letters of engagement

Letters of engagement software

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Hi does anyone know if there is any software that will produce accountants general practice letters of engagement.

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By exceljockey
10th May 2018 14:22

I use Practice Ignition to generate the LOE when a new client signs up. Although I had to create the contents of the letter initially. But you only have to do this once and the software creates the LOE depending on the services offered.

I am sure there are others. PI is expensive considering how often I add clients but it's handy when clients add and remove services and you need to re-issue the LOE.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
10th May 2018 18:29

I use PI as well, once you’ve done the initial set-up it’s great.

The other main option is GoProposal, which is twice the price. Terms are set up by default, although you’ll want to spend time reducing all of the default prices.

Both integrate with Xero, PI is better at this and has a great dashboard showing future income, upcoming expiry dates etc.

Both have 1 month free trials, sign up and see which works best for you.

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By clark.hall
11th May 2018 17:06

I’ve looked into this now that we all have to revise LoE’s again (re GDPR).
PI looked expensive but Accountancy Manager (practice management) apparently does the job. I’ve made enquiries and intend to sign up to trial but have become a little too busy in meantime.
AM told me that you do have to input your own t&c’s into the system but their LoE’s are designed to be suitable for most small practices.

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