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Lexis Nexis 3 Month Cancellation Notice

Lexis Nexis 3 Month Cancellation Notice

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We subscribe to the Lexis Nexis Online service which includes Simon's Taxes. We have an annual contract renewable each July. This July, we decided not to continue with the service as we found it was not suitable to our current needs. Much to our consternation we were informed that a three month notice is required which is stated in small print, but this new term was never communicated to us at the time of last renewal, and we did not bother to read the small print. In addition, we did not receive any reminders three months prior to renewal.

We have argued with Lexis Nexis who have now offered the option of buying other publications to the value of this service as being the basis of cancellation of the service without penalty.

Our questions are:

1) Do we have a defence under the  Unfair Terms Act?

2) Has any practice successfully defended a Court action brought about by Lexis Nexis on this Clause?

3) Any advice how this impasse can be overcome?


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By johngroganjga
18th Sep 2014 12:28

Have you actually paid the renewal sub?

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By pauld
18th Sep 2014 12:38

This happened to me as well

I just kicked up a fuss both on the telephone and in writing and eventually they got fed up with me and stopped chasing me for the renewal payment.

I think they are underhand and yes I know you should read the small print but once you sign up for something with them they are pain in the a*s when trying to cancel and for years after you cancel too, as they continue to send you mounds of junk mail as well as renewal notices on a yearly basis.

I will never purchase anything from them again.

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By cparker87
18th Sep 2014 14:11


Pay what is contractually due and don't sign anything until you read it.

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By Fatbrain
18th Sep 2014 15:45

Lexis Nexis 3 Month Cancellation Notice

No, we have not paid the renewal fee, but am minded to take it to court, thus this query to see if anyone has had the matter tested in Court.

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By johngroganjga
18th Sep 2014 15:50

But if you haven't paid you can't take them to court!   They can take you but you can't take them.

That makes all the difference.  I would just sit tight and refuse to pay.  My best guess is that they will give up and not take you to court.  You may need to reconsider if they do.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
18th Sep 2014 17:25


I would refuse to pay, they know damn well it is very sharp practice. 

Very bad manners too.  All they will do is to ensure you will never buy anything from them again!  Incredibly short sighted. 

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By thomas34
18th Sep 2014 18:58

Sympathy from me

It sounds as if they're practising the "auto renewal" racket. This was one of the reasons why I left PTP software although latterly I was wise to the small print and made sure I cancelled at the appropriate time. I then renewed at the actual renewal date because for a couple of years I still rated the software at the price quoted. It did confuse the sales team who were clearly oblivious to the clause in the contract.

I suspect the contract condition is of debatable worth in the event of a fight but I also suspect that less worldly-wise accountants than myself would accept the company's word without challenge i.e. they play a numbers game.

I consider the practice repugnant and totally without commercial logic (unless the company doesn't wish to stand or fall by the quality and price of its product).


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Nichola Ross Martin
By Nichola Ross Martin
10th May 2019 20:29

We have just fallen foul of their extraordinary terms, it is now 2019... It seems hard to believe that a company of the size of Lexis Nexis is still trying this on after all this time. Page 51 of this government handout has an example of an unfair contract term. My advice would to defend any claim via the court if needed and use another supplier. I would recommend I am of course biased in my recommendation and this is the service I use every day: ). We found that we were not using Lexis stuff at all.

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