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License and filing requirements for investment ltd

How to best invest cash in trading companies: do I need a license? what can I use to submit returns?

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Hello everyone,

I have a limited company based in Estonia for all work outside of the UK, and a UK Ltd company for the activities I undertake in the UK. Both companies have accumulated a little bit of cash, and I would like to invest it - in particular, the Estonian company does not have access to all the options I have in the UK. I was therefore thinking of setting up a UK-based investment company that would borrow money from the two trading companies, invest it and pay interest back to them.

I have two concerns I would like some clarification, or even just pointers to relevant documents on the HMRC website

- Is it ok to set up a company for the purposes of investing (savings accounts, shares, p2p, property, funds) only? Is a licence from a regulatory body required to borrow money and invest it?

- The online CT600 form cannot be used in this case from what I gather - what software is available out there? there is a long list on the HMRC website. Has anyone got any experience or is able to recommend a couple?


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By Accountant A
26th Mar 2020 16:12

Your plans sound sufficiently complex (eg cross-border angle) to suggest that you might want to take professional advice in both jurisdictions before proceeding.

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